Development, supposedly

I have to admit that I have a thing –
just once I’d like to take THE picture of flying hair.
The current „best shot“ is this:
AE_2009_07_7140640 Kopie (by bela_beier)

But altough I really like this one, it took a long time and some serious experience. And a modell with perfect hair – becaus it can’t be to thin, it can’t be to thick, it can’t be curly, and it has to be on the light side.
The best one before was this:

vk014 (by bela_beier) tamara-08-06-28-300 (by bela_beier) Christina_2007_07_16_354 (by bela_beier)
But I really didn’t like the washed-out white in the Hair – well, this particular modell has a pretty fair skin and almost white hair, soo…. but i still think it’s to much. But there has to be a certain amount of movement – here we have crisp hair, ncie contrasts, whilst still beeing high-key it isn’t washed out toooo much. And this one – which I like because of its colours, it still isn’t sharp – the crsipy structure of single hairs just isn’t there, and no amount of photoshoping can put it in.

But, enough with the flying head-grown stuff, back to the current session! If anybody wants to see the rest of the (actually quite funny) pictures of this special colleague: Go to the Flickr album! Or her blog!

AE_2009_07_7140533 Kopie (by bela_beier)

Or a picture like:

AE_2009_07_7140432 Kopie (by bela_beier)

Well, not „like“ this picture – You’ll see exactly this picture, among others.

AE_2009_07_7140199 Kopie

You can also watch the Flickr-Slideshow, if you want.

And why I wrote this in english, I don’t know. Anybody wanna venture a guess?


  1. L+W 21. August 2009

    Ich verstehe zwar nicht warum hier manchmal deutsch und manchmal englisch geschrieben wird, aber zum „best shoot“: Best shoot! Congratulationen 😉

  2. Beierlein 21. August 2009

    Thx 🙂

    Lag aber auch am Modell – tollgehalten, das Mädel.
    Und der Sprachwechsel – einfach, um in Ãœbung zu bleiben, weil wie oft schreibt man schon in Englisch…

  3. krodi 23. August 2009

    sehr schöne und originelle pix! besonders das mit der jeans falsch herum!

  4. Beierlein 23. August 2009

    thx 🙂

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